Episode 2: The Witch – A New England Folktale

On today’s episode, Caleb reviews and discusses The Witch – A New England Folktale by Robert Eggers. Set in the 1600’s, The Witch places us with a colonial family that has decided to leave the comforts of their city’s confines to venture into the wilderness in search of freedom. Once they arrive and construct their homestead, the woods come alive and the creatures that live within come out to play. This is one of the movies that made Talking Horror a reality with how intense, shocking, and truly horrifying it is.

This episode will contain spoilers during the in-depth description and discussion portion. If you have not seen this masterpiece, please go ahead and watch it before enjoying the podcast to get the most out of the review and discussion.





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Episode 1: The Blackcoat’s Daughter

Today’s episode is about one of Oz Perkin’s masterpieces, The Blackcoat’s Daughter. Set in a prestigious religious boarding school, two young women are stuck over holiday break waiting for their parents to arrive. Things start to become very strange as the days drag by leading to a story so heinous and foreboding Talking Horror decided to make it the first movie to be reviewed and discussed.

This episode contains spoilers about the entire movie. In the future, we will attempt to provide a review only version of the podcast and a more full length, spoiler filled podcast for those of you that have enjoyed the film already to provide a discussion of sorts between the host(s) and the audience.



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Episode 0: What’s to Come

Episode 0 is an introductory episode hosted by Caleb going over what is to come in the future shows.


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